Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gingerbread Houses

We should probably just call them candy houses. There wasn't any ginger involved... just graham crackers and hot glue, actually. And the sweetest smelling frosting and bulk candy. 

I got all this candy (and more) at Winco for $5.85. #winning

We stayed up late one night making these candy houses. Because we're cool parents. And hopefully our kids will actually think we're cool one day and remember all the cool stuff we did and let them get away with. 

Truthfully, it was one of my favorite experiences. Jake and Everett worked on a house together and Breckie and I did the other. 

The girl house.
It's the coolest house I've ever helped make! We even had icicle lights!

I decorated the front, back, and did the lights... Breckie did everything else. The roof is SO cute and honestly all her idea. She has good style :)

The boy house is epic! 

Ah, I LOVE it!

They even had a gumdrop chimney and a pond in the back... and a snowy rooftop!

I really, really loved seeing their creativity and having so much fun.... and to see their happy faces two days later when I told them they could start eating them 😆

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