Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hunting Bunnies & Sledding

After a night of no sleep for me (I even took sleeping pills... which only resulted in feeling extra groggy the next morning) the boys left to go looking for rabbits. 

When they came home Everett told me how they shot a bunny and how there was blood coming out it's eye. 😜 You can probably tell hunting is a new 'sport' for us :) Everett seemed to enjoy the outing. 

Breckie wanted to go out in the snow too, so I abandoned Roxy and took Breckie out to see the snow. 

Later, we went sledding. We drove 15 minutes towards the mountains and the beautiful snowy fields had me 😍😍

Everett enjoyed sledding... 

I didn't even get to see Breckie sled... Thankfully Bridget held Roxy. It's impossible to take two kids sledding and have a baby. Each little person needs a parent.

Everett surprised us with how tough he was. He ended up walking miles in the snow throughout the day. 

I hiked up the mountain a few times to try snowboarding down. It was nice and powdery and such a beginners hill so I felt wildly successful. 

I feel like the entire outing lasted an hour at best. Breckie and Roxy were both in their car seats with the heater on... having babies is so hard. 

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