Friday, December 30, 2016

Ice Fishing On Jake's Birthday

On the day of Jake's birthday we went ice fishing in Pagosa. 

Roxy and I were going to stay home because she was covered in green boogers, but we decided to come. Wishful thinking, I guess. 

Everett has been fishing a dozen times but has never caught a fish. I thought for sure this would be his chance!

The ice on top of the ice was really, really cool. 

I pawned Roxy off for a few minutes so I could take a few pictures. 

Jake and I spend most of our time pulling the girls around in the sleds. 

Roxy cried and whined a bunch. And my boots kept falling apart. I kept having to duct tape them... by the end of the day they were garbage. 

Jake didn't fish or (obviously) catch any fish... he did take the kids sledding though. 

I eventually took Roxy back to the van and let her play on the floor. She was sick of getting packed around and just wanted to roll around I guess. Plus I wiped her nose 40 thousand times. Life with a baby... 😓

We ate lunch at the Malt Shoppe in town and then went home. 

When we got home the boys cut off the fish heads. 

Clearly, this was the highlight of Everett's day. 

The kids and I made Jake his birthday cake (pistachio sprite cake) and licking the bowl was really the highlight. 

We had the fish for dinner and then cake. No presents. You start buying your own gifts at 33... 😉😬

Jake is the coolest. I've never met anyone that didn't love him. Well, they obviously wouldn't tell me if they didn't like him, but my point is that he's a very likable guy. 

Hopefully his birthday wishes come true. But knowing him, he probably didn't actually wish for anything...

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