Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sledding Take Two

After hanging around the house for half the day, we needed to get out and play. 

So we went sledding again. Jake stayed home with Roxy because a baby and snow just don't mix. Breckie decided she wanted to stay home too... 

We had a lot of fun sledding the big hill. At least a dozen times. I couldn't believe how many times Everett walked up that huge hill! He totally surprised me. 

 When he was tired we went one more time and then I showed him the magic of icicles. 

He really liked icicles. I'm also a huge fan :)

Breckie and Bridget had fun doing make up, hair, and painted fingernails while we were gone. 

Effie and Josh had been traveling for months (a road trip from Texas to Alaska, to Idaho, and their last stop was Colorado before heading back to Texas) and they had gotten there the night before.

We enjoyed their stories and the card games they taught us :)

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