Saturday, December 17, 2016

Treats Delivered

I feel like we hit the jackpot this Christmas season. 

As you can see, the men were extra excited to get a cheese and sausage platter in the mail. 

I stole the chocolates out of it right away and the apple-cinnamon jelly was 👌😋

A santa plate of goodies was dropped off not long after. The raspberry thumbprint cookies were probably the BEST cookie... maybe ever. Although the chocolate butterscotch peanut mounds disappeared pretty quickly... I ate those too 😳

Then one of my primary kids dropped off such a perfect plate of goodies. I asked her is she helped make them and she said that her and her sister made them and I:

1. immediately thought of all the things my sister taught me how to make and all those winters we made snow cream... and
2. I hope and I hope and I hope Breckie and Roxy will grow up and do things like this. 

A mug full of hot chocolate mix and homemade fudge sauce 😋

I thought about dumping the fudge sauce into the mug and just drinking it because it's SO good!!

We even got a plate of cookies AND a Christmas song... our Christmas is sure to be merry and Sprite!

We also had a knock-and-run secret santa drop off a bag stuffed full of Christmas candy 😘

We've been recipients of so much love... we had to give out a little! We made Christmas brownies and delivered them on Sunday. Roxy won't remember because she was too busy dreaming of her own christmas treats for future Christmases. 

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