Monday, December 26, 2016

We Need To Move

I'm having a really hard time trying to decide what to say about our trip to Colorado....

Living in this part of Arizona has been really hard for me this year. I really loved it for a long time. I was so happy to be out from under those constant grey sky of Western Washington. The warm and hot and burning sun was welcomed anytime of the year. 

And then I had had enough. I couldn't handle it anymore. I NEEDED seasons. All of them. Not just the eternally cold and rainy Spring of WA or the eternally hot and sunny Summer of AZ...

The only sensation I felt from August to early November was a feeling that I was suffocating. 

On our road trip to CA (Disneyland in October with grandparents...) Everett saw a leaf fall off a tree and exclaimed "LOOK! Real Fall!"

It made me SO sad that Everett saw "real Fall" in southern California of all places (and it wasn't even pretty Fall. It was one brown leaf falling off a tree... no red, orange, yellow... no mountains sides bursting with color... just one brown leaf).

The kids had been wandering what snow was like and real Winter.... real Christmas they said!

When Jake and I went downhill mountain biking in Durango this Summer Jake got SO excited about the thought of coming back to snowboard in the Winter. 

So we decided that we better just make it happen. We'd roadtrip to Colorado so Jake could  snowboard for his birthday, take the kids sledding, see the snow and icicles, ice skate, ice fish, and show the kids what real Winter was. 

We spent the money to buy the kids snow gear, took the time off work, packed and packed and packed, drove and drove and drove.... 

Driving to Payson is always pretty. 

And it had snowed on Christmas Eve so it was gorgeous!

To hear the kids' excitement was so fun!

Breckie's first time seeing snow and Everett's first time remembering seeing it...

Before we even got into Payson Breckie announces she's sick. 

Luckily she threw up when we were stopping for gas... so it wasn't a huge deal... other than the fact that I jumped into the farthest back seat and held trash bags under her chin for 20 minutes prior to her throwing up. 

The kids got out of the car and marveled at the snow. 

It was cute to see them experience the snow for the first time. 

Jake and the kids had a snowball fight in the Jack-in-the-box parking lot. 

And then we continued our trip. 

2 hours down... 6 to go. 

It was beautiful. A true Winter Wonderland. 

Too bad that was almost the highlight of the trip. 

Road trips are one of my least favorite things on the entire planet... add a baby and a puking kid and it's just paradise for a person like me. 

Roxy was great for 4 hours and the other 4 hours she spent wiggling on my lap and crying. 20 minutes from Colorado Breckie puked again. I held Roxy (squeezed in-between my legs in the middle row) while I reached back to the third row and caught the puke in a bag... we threw it out the window for the coyotes.

We finally got there and I was ready to be home already. 

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