Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter... or Fall

Seeing the trees change colors is so beautiful. But it's almost like getting a birthday present 2 months late. It's still great, but a little late so the excitement has wore off. 

On top of December being insanely busy... it's like PERFECT outside so we're trying to take advantage of being outside and being comfortable. 

But it's like Christmas cheer + Christmas stuff + Christmas parties + shopping + baking + decorating + traditions + it's nice outside so we should go out and play too... it's like making yourself a birthday cake and then 5 of your closest friends drop off a cake too. Still great but you feel like your 'wasting' it and it will all go bad before you get to enjoy it all. 

Please don't think I'm complaining... I'm SO not! I'm just being real. 

One of the things I have the hardest time with is the lying and deceiving and exaggerating... I see stuff on social media that my friends will post and I want to call BS because I was there and their descriptions and pictures are so deceiving and not at all what it was really like! I'm sure I'm just as guilty... so maybe this is my way of righting my wrong. 

*When did Everett get so tall??!

Life is so hard and so busy right now and I'm trying my best to keep up and to do all the things I should plus it's Christmas and it's finally nice outside and and and and and and......

... and I'm simply trying to enjoy Roxy being a baby. And Everett is on Christmas break. And we're leaving the morning after Christmas to find the snow... and have a "real" Winter experience....

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