Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Coons Bluff

After the Superstition Mountains and the Goldfield Ghost town we had McDonalds (the ultimate health food in a very ritzy part of town... kidding!) and headed to the river.

 On our way there, I saw a sign for a 'recreational area' parking lot we've never been to. Coons Bluff.

I'm pretty sure I said "this is so pretty" 400 times. It was so cool!


You can camp there on Friday and Saturday nights and there were a couple families there. 

It was PRETTY!!!!

It's always nice to see the wild horses too. 

We weren't there for long before it started to sprinkle. Everett and I kept playing. Breckie isn't a big fan of the rain so she went back to the car with Roxy and Jake. 

Everett and I kept exploring.

We were down by the water when we heard thunder boom SO loud. It was fantastic! Right after the third big boom, it started pouring rain!

(We have the EXACT same 'it's raining' face!)

we ran back to the car and then headed home. We had so much fun on Saturday and we got to see some really pretty places.

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