Thursday, January 26, 2017

Downton Mesa & The MLK Parade

On Martin Luther King Jr. day we went to check out Downtown Mesa. 

I remember looking through the shops with my Dad. And everyone had the day off. And I wanted to find a cool place to take Roxy's 8 month pictures. And just because I wanted to. 

Of course we had to follow the foot prints...

...which led to the Idea museum. It was closed so we kept walking. 

We turned the corner and walked a block right to the street the MLK parade was walking down. Ironically we ran into some friends and ended up watching the parade with them. We didn't even know there was going to be a parade! score. 

We didn't stay for the whole parade. 

However, we did find some super cute downtowny places. 

Everett said the sad faces were because he wanted to finish watching the parade. We had no idea! There was a super cute group of karate kids that were breaking pieces of wood. He told me yesterday he either wants to do ballet or karate :)

My kids are masters at the mug shots. 

And almost masters of the wink eye ;)

I always loved downtown. This reminded me a lot of downtown Puyallyup!

After I made my family suffer through pictures we went to Costco for pizza and then to a really HUGE cool park in Mesa. 

But I don't have any pictures of that :) You'll just have to believe me that it was huge and cool and everyone and their grandma was there. 

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