Saturday, January 7, 2017

Freddy's Desert Mountain

Since now is the time to get out and enjoy AZ, we went to Freddy's and fueled up on Root Beer and dirt & worms... 

*Roxy's always got her hands in everyone's business!

... and then went on a big long bike ride (Desert Mountain Trail). 

 The kids did amazing. Everett is so competitive and wouldn't let Rhett pass him the entire ride and Breckie rode her scooter for miles and miles until we almost begged her to get in the bike trailer with Roxy. 

It was quite the enjoyable Winter outing :)

 We saw at least a dozen rabbits, lots of dirt, and a little greenery 😂😆

Actually, there is one really pretty part of the trail. Jake was like "what!? where did this come from!"
The rest of the ride was along the wash. Think: sand and sage brush. 
But we have the SUN! The glorious Winter sun!

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