Sunday, January 15, 2017


Saturday morning we woke up and I said lets go somewhere. 

We headed towards the Salt River because it's pretty. 

I told the kids we'd throw rocks in the river or something. 

Plus, I'm trying to pep-talk myself into living here and liking it! (I DO like it here... in fact I really LOVE so many things about it... but thinking about living here forever is what gives me anxiety)

Jake and I have talked A LOT about it and I think my personality + our life situation (small kids + a baby) is actually the thing that I have the most hard time with. 

Again. I love it, but it's hard. 

So back to the AZ adventure....

We found ourselves headed to the Superstition mountains. Because we've never been there. 

I want to hike to the top. Flat Iron. But again, our life situation isn't really prime for that right now. 

And truthfully, I want to enjoy having small kids and doing things you do when you have small kids. 

Hahahaha, like enduring the tiny, short walk with beautiful scenery while hearing them cry and whine the whole time that they want piggy back rides or fruit snacks. 

The weather was so nice. 

I've been practicing using my camera in manual mode so the pictures are all over the place. 

Maybe 2017 will be the year I don't take a road trip, settle down, and improve my photography knowledge. 

I'll be luckily if one of those things happens!

I'm mostly hoping its the photography part :)

A mossy AZ rock....

And I may or may not have forced Breckie to be in the family selfie. 

She was being a HUGE punk all day. 

We also stopped by the goldfield ghost town and coons bluff park. 

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