Friday, February 17, 2017

Call the Wambulance

This seems to happen a lot. Just after I got done saying how nice half days are, we go and have the worst half day ever. 

Everett had a half day for parent/teacher conferences a couple Thursdays back. It was a nice day and I thought it would be nice to take the kids to Sonic and we'd sit outside for lunch and then take them to the park. We ordered Wacky Paks with special slushies with Nerds in them (but I accidentally ordered Jolly Ranchers in them 🙄) Everett was still hungry so we had to order twice and get an extra corndog. No big deal. (And yay! He actually tried and ate a corndog!) 

Roxy ate a red sucker we found in the car and sat in the stroller to keep her content. 

Then we stopped by the park to finish off our messed-up-by-mom slushies and play. Roxy was sticky with sucker and grass all over her, Everett was whiny that their wasn't anyone to play with, I was trying to eat my lunch I packed because Sonic doesn't like my insides, Roxy was climbing all over me, then Breckie wants me to blow the bubbles she packed in my lunch so I open up the wand and the wind blew a whole big string of beautifully huge bubbles and Breckie ran after them straight into a tree. 

She didn't just bump into this tree. 

It was like this giant tree just appeared infront of her and she had no time to stop. Instant goose egg. Bloody knee... and the screaming wouldn't stop. She was screaming that she was hurt of course but then mid-screams she starts screaming that she has to go poop and she's shrieking and holding her butt and wincing in pain.

There is no consoling or calming down Breckie. 

I gather our stuff, my purse, lunch, Roxy, and carry everything and screaming Breckie to the car (and we are driving Jake's car because the battery in the van died (just after our garbage disposal and water heater die and our fridge is threatening to crap out on us and the air conditioning is still broken in our van...))

Breckie says she can't wait until we're home to go the bathroom so I try and help her in the parking lot. Roxy is behind me and keeps climbing up my leg and then falling down and crying while Everett wants to know when we can go home. 


I seriously don't know why I can't just stay home and do nothing. 

Breckie never went poop. I think it was the pressure of the impact her body took when she hit the tree. Even though it was a rough day, I'm confident it could have been worse. All of our kids are alive and breathing so I guess that means we're winning :)

I KNOW life is so good and I should enjoy this stage of my life but there is no denying that it's stupid hard sometimes and doesn't even seem like it's worth the effort. 

I know, I know... I'm about to call the wambulance on myself...

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