Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Girl "Hike"

Monday. It was cloudy. PERFECT for a hike. 

And by hiking, I mean walking on an old dirt road :)

I had the lowest expectations possible and it was for good reason. We passed one poor mom on her way back to the car with THREE cry/screaming boys. It looked awful. One never wanted to go hiking, one didn't want to go home, and one was just crying because that's what you do when your mom tries to help you have fun experiences. 

We had 47 water breaks and collected a whole collection of rocks. 

It was pretty much the most successful kid-hike we've done. Breckie did great and Roxy became my favorite child and not only went in the carrier, she fell asleep in there too 🙌

We had a good time. It was short, sweet, and cloudy. The three major components to a happy kid hike :)

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