Saturday, February 4, 2017

Half-day Spit Bubbles

Every Friday is a half day for Everett. It's nice that every weekday isn't the same... and I don't have to make him a lunch that day :)

So we went to the duck park and rode scooters down the hills. Both kids did fall and get hurt but isn't that the very definition of childhood?? I have a video of Everett riding down a grassy hill... when he  hit a pothole and the scooter bucked him off. The video if hilarious until he starts crying... it's a pretty sad cry. 

But before that, Breckie was sleeping in the car and had spit bubbles.

After crashing and crying at the park we went to Costco for pizza, smoothies, and a churro (cheerio :)

Everett ate the whole double-piece of pizza and drank his whole smoothie (basically a slushy) and ate half the churro. He eats so much these days. 

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