Thursday, February 9, 2017

Junk Collector

Breckie is the ULTIMATE junker. She has junk EVERYWHERE. Seriously, that girl!

I love (so much) that she plays with anything and keeps herself busy doing crafts and playing with everyday stuff. It's fantastic. We find her collections of stuff everywhere. Junk everywhere. Every bag, box, bin, purse, drawer is full of Breckie junk. Acorns, buttons, beads, coins, hair ties, bows, pearler beads, googly eye balls, stickers, crayons, rocks, dried playdoh creations, paint brushes, etc. 

One night we went into Breckie's room for family scripture and prayer and found that she had hung her beloved sparkle-dog purse on the wall...

...with sewing pins. 

She is the cutest, most creative little person in our house. I love her collecting and junking and creativity. 

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