Thursday, February 23, 2017

Little Goldmine

 For the past few months Roxy has been really awful. 

She's been really difficult and cries way too much and isn't happy for more than a few minutes unless she's in the stroller or being carried.

So when Breckie was invited to a friends house one morning, Roxy and I went hiking. 
If I was going to be carrying her anyways we might as well be doing something I want to be doing. 
Roxy was perfect. Literally perfect. 

We got to the top in 20 minutes flat. 

We walked around at the top for a few minutes and then headed back down. 

The desert wildflowers were a nice bonus :)

Roxy fell asleep on the way to the car. I would take her on a hike everyday if I could. Truthfully!

It was so fun to feel her little body on my back and then lay her head down when she was tired. 

What isn't so fun is looking like a Chia pet with all my new hair growing in (because it falls out after you have a baby). Having a baby changes every last bit of you. Some changes last forever and some are only temporary. I'm hoping her naughtiness is only temporary!

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