Sunday, February 19, 2017

Roxy 9

ROXY girl!

 She's 9 months of baby goodness. 

Something magical happened the other day. 

Everett and Breckie were headed to a birthday party so we went to the store to pick out presents. 

And this cute little outfit ended up in my cart. 

Later when the kids were at the birthday party Roxy begged me to try it on her. 

It was just the cutest.

It was also a nice day. 

So we went outside to eat leaves. See, happiness:

I ran inside to grab the camera and took plenty of pictures. 

(Happiness is only having one kid at home at a time. It's the best.)

So we enjoyed this little backyard playdate... just the two of us. 

What? There's a leaf on my face?


Besides the burden of having way too many pictures stored on my computer, sometimes I think I couldn't have a more fun hobby. Photo-documenting my life is pretty rad. 

Yeah. I'm that mom that takes pictures of my kid crying instead of helping them. Because they cry all of the time and I help them all of the time... so it's ok. 

Jake will be mortified when he sees that Roxy played in the leftover (dirty) water gun fight water from a few days ago. But she was happy and so was I. We're building immunities together :)

You know when babies make those cute squealing/singing noises? When they find their voices? Try to hear that while looking at these pictures :)

Now it's over. And she's spitting and blowing spit bubbles... and then she man-gagged on a leaf. 

Good to know her gag reflexes work 👍

Back to the cute singing noises...

And we're getting tired of the dirty leaf water. 

Time for something new. 

Roxy has two bottom teeth and one off-to-the-side upper snaggle tooth. She crawls and climbs to stand. Doesn't sleep through the night yet. Is currently sick with an ear infection (I swear it has nothing to do with the dirty water 😅). 

She needs to be moving 100% of the time in order to be happy. 

Says "dada" all day long. 

She's never snuggled us or been rocked to sleep. She's a don't-mess-with-me and let's-get-a-move-on kind of girl. 

She must take after me :)

The best part is that her over-alls say "amazing like my mommy"

She seems to be like me in a lot of ways but it kind-of sounds silly to say that because she IS only 9 months old :)

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