Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Smart Boy

If I hadn't lived through Everett's conception, pregnancy, and birth I would think he'd been adopted. The kid is smart!

I just had a parent/teacher conference and his teacher said he's doing great. He does do the bare minimum on some things but we already knew that.

He's a little on the lazy side :)

When I have him put his laundry away, for a while he was just wading it up and hiding his clean clothes under stuffed animals in the corner or under his bed or he'd even shove them in the Lego boxes in his closet!

But I guess that's part of being smart?!

On the back of some of his work he's got his name written with hearts around it. 
Me: "Oh hey, I like all of the hearts"
Everett: "Yeah, they're for my teacher"

I've been impressed with his spelling and vocabulary. They test their reading level and he has a 6.5 grade reading level! I think that's MY reading level too 😀

I am so happy and so grateful that education hasn't been a struggle for Everett. We've had plenty of other struggles so this is 🙌

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