Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spartan Sprint

It feel like a decade ago we signed up for this Spartan race. In fact, I may have been pregnant still. Maybe not. It was a long time ago 😆

But it was Julia's idea. And I'm SOOOO glad she actually takes action when she wants something because I had been bummed that I hadn't found friends that are as active as my gym/running friends from WA.

I missed the races and the adventures but I didn't know anyone that would want to do them. But then Julia joined a gym last year and wanted something to work towards. An advertisement for a spartan race popped up on her FB and now you know the story :)

So Julia made a team, signed us up, orchestrated everything, and I basically just went and had a blast. 

The best part is that for a while, I wasn't even 100% positive what a Spartan race was. I knew there was mud and dirt and muscles involved so I actually youtube-d a video after Julia told me we had to climb over a 7 foot wall 😅

We signed up for the sprint which is the shortest of the three distances. This one was 4.71 or 4.54 miles or something (I can't remember exactly!). 

I knew for a fact that I wouldn't be able to do some of the obstacles (like the spear throwing and I was nervous about the tall wall...) but I surprised myself on a few of them. 

I google imaged some pictures of a few obstacles... 

The tire flip and all the first obstacles were fine.

But the rope climb got me.

 It seemed at least 20-25 feet tall, no knots, skinnier than the rope shown, and you had to climb it and ring the bell at the top. After a failed attempt, one of the other racers gave me a few pointers and I actually got WAY farther than I thought. I think I was about 18 inches away from ringing the bell. The rope got wrapped around my ankle twice so when I'd pull up I couldn't bring my feet up so I couldn't get any higher. The other racer offered to unwrap the rope from my ankle but my arms were spent and I don't even think I could hold on long enough to get it unwrapped and then continue to climb. So I got a nice little rope burn on the way down and had to do 30 burpees as my penalty.  

Then, to my great surprise, I made it over the 7 foot wall. But our wall was made out of smooth plywood... not wood planks like this one. Although it did have a little cap on the top that was very helpful!

There was another obstacle with a rope, pulley, and a sand bag. I didn't even get close to pulling that sand bag up. NOT EVEN CLOSE! 30 more burpees...

We had to haul buckets of rocks. 

Some un-even monkey bars. 

More tall stuff. Monkey bar rings. Crawling under barbed wire. 24 obstacles total.  

 The last one that I couldn't do was the spear throwing. I KNEW it was an automatic 30 burpees. I didn't even make it to the bail of hay!

But it was SO fun for a person like me. I had a blast and the scenery was gorgeous for Arizona. Mountains, some grass even :) and wildflowers. It was pretty!

At the end you have to completely go underwater... and I'm almost certain they took a picture of me coming out and it should probably be the most unflattering picture of my life. Then you jump over some fire and cross the finish line. 

I had absolutely zero time expectations for myself but now that I'm done and have a time to beat (and know a little more of what to expect) I'm probably going to have to do another one :)

Plus, it was fun. 

I think Jake would really like it too. We'll have to do one together someday. 

But until then, I've found myself a new race buddy!

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