Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Best?

We were looking pretty terrible on Sunday. We walked into church like this:

Shiny gold dress with a Sunny D stain down the front
black dance leotard under
shiny silver shoes that are a little too big but she's already worn them out
messy hair
carrying her pink trick-or-treating pumpkin full of crayons and toys

well, you can see :)

She doesn't wear dresses to church. Baby dresses are highly impractical
So Jake did his best and dressed her in three different pieces of three different out fits. 
None of it matching
No baby bow

I had been altering a new shirt I got at TJ Maxx for $4. It fit perfect. So I laid it down on the counter to cut off the loose threads and picked it up to realize I got last nights sausage grease all over it. The shirt is totally ruined. 
So I ran upstairs and threw a dress on real quick. I hardly had time to look in the mirror. 

Looked great, a little unshaven around the beard but the poor guy was sick with his normal Wintertime face cold.
Looked miserable.

Maybe next Sunday we'll actually be a bit more put together 😅

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