Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tats On Valentines Day

This week was like a giant tornado. Life was so scattered and all over the place. Miraculously we bought valentines (with tattoos) for school and got them ready just in time. Just like last year... Everett signing his name on them in the parking lot before drop off!

While picking up Jake's valentine at World Market, Breckie found these glitter tattoo pens ("please please please please PLEASE!!!") so I bought them for her. Because I'm a softie. 

When we got home we made a heart shaped cake and decorated it :)

Roxy played with baby toys. 😅 Roxy is such a ball of shrieking fire these days that if we can go 5 minutes without her yell-crying, then we're good. So play away with the pokey things my dear! 

Jake came home at 4 so we could see him before his Kiwanis meeting. We made homemade pizza for dinner with heart shaped pepperoni. I hope my kids think I'm the coolest mom and have the fondest memories of their childhood because pulling all of this off (plus going to the gym) was a little tough!

Plus I put them to bed and cleaned up the epic mess of a house that was left over. Roxy, ironically had  heart butt pants for one of her (many) daily outfits and Breckie went to bed with two sleeve tattoos so I guess I'm winning. 

I had one picture left on my memory card so we got this crappy picture before Jake left. But it says it all. Tired mom, dirty kids, Roxy eating a wrapped chocolate bar with 40 red goose eggs on her forehead, and a dad doing his best to make it all happen. 

Real life. It's not that glamorous. It totally blows sometimes. But there is NO ONE I would rather do real life with than Jake. 

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