Sunday, February 12, 2017

What's For Dinner...

It seems like ever since Roxy's birth Jake has been getting home between 5-6 almost nights and hasn't worked so many late nights/level leader meetings/mixers etc. 

 He's had to step down from a few of his business platforms and it's been nice. 

Super nice actually. 

He still has scouts one night a week and Kiwanis meetings but they happen to be on the same night so it's okay. EXCEPT they have a meeting on Valentines night. Lay-hay-hay-hay-hame. 

So one night when Jake was working late, I took the kids to MOD pizza so they could make their own pizzas. 

You better believe they made pepperoni 🍕

And Roxy? She ate a necklace for dinner :)

The best part is when we got home and Everett asked what was for dinner. 
"Bahaha, we just had pizza for dinner"
"Oh. I thought that was just a snack" 

Next time he can have a whole pizza to himself!

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