Friday, March 10, 2017

4 Ever Breckie

I should be used to it by now...

I should be used the love-it-so-much-it-hurts feelings I get when I look at pictures of our kids. 

But every time they just takes the breath right out of my lungs. 

Here is Breckie at 4 years old. 

Sweet, spicy, athletic, brave, calm, shy, master of the evil eye.

She still makes people feel like a million bucks if they can get a smile out of her.

She's a lover of animals (stuffed/animated), knick knacks, princesses, make-up, nail polish, dresses, netflix, trampoline tricks, and IN-N-OUT. 

I'd say she's a daddy girl and LOVES to wrestle him. She refuses to brush her own teeth but never needs help putting on her shoes. 

Her personality is double her size and her giggle is to die for. 

And she totally farted on my hand...

I could handle Breckie staying 4 for a couple years :)

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