Monday, March 13, 2017

"About the Worst Stores" by Everett

Everett is on Spring Break now but this last quarter he learned about the earth, minerals, rocks, lava etc. For his cottage night the class put on their fake guitars and sang us songs about those things. It was cute :) One of the songs was to the tune Adams Family but they sang, "layers of the earth" (snap snap) "layers of the earth" (snap snap). 

While we were there looking at his work/projects (with 70 other people 😅) I got to take a peek in his writing journal. 

I'm glad I did... because I found the best story ever. 

This story takes Everett's awesomeness to a whole other level!

It is SO him. Whining that there aren't any "kid" toys, there isn't anything to do, no iPad no phone, whining that he doesn't get "enething" and the fact that he wrote "I forgot something" at the top of one page is just the best. He's quoting me, no doubt. 

He's impossible to make happy, the whiniest kid on the planet, and he writes honest and funny stories about it :)

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