Saturday, March 11, 2017

Breckie's Unicorn Party

Breckie turned 4 today🎈

She wanted a unicorn cake with a unicorn party and a unicorn piñata. 

So that's exactly what we did. 

I can hardly handle how much I love this family picture. 

I think Jake and I were laughing at how dumb we are for throwing a party 😆

Breckie invited 5 friends. 

They made rainbow necklaces first :)

We played a few games but it was like chaos because two of the friends brought a friend (plus Roxy) and crying from 3 kids... so Breckie opened presents and then we beat up "Uni" until she pooped out candy for all the kids to fight and cry over 😆 

After that, Jake and I were like, "lets get this party over with" so we went straight for the cake. 

Breckie told us we were all going to sing Happy Birthday to her and that she wasn't going to sing 😂 and then she said she wasn't going to blow out the candle... SOOOOO glad she's extra high maintenance already 😳

So Claire blew out the candle and we cut into the 6-layer rainbow unicorn cake.

One kid kept licking the frosting off the big cake instead of the piece on her plate and then one needed milk and then they were all thirsty and Jake and I were like "are we done yet?!?"

One kid wanted to go home after cake and we send one home because they were the definition of trouble and one had to leave early... and then the kids that were left played and jumped and laughed in the backyard and it made the whole party worth it. 

Plus Breckie will probably only remember the highlights and how she had a unicorn party with a unicorn cake and her friends gave her presents and played. 

Tonight, after we tucked the kids in bed, I said, "we didn't win today, did we!?" and Jake said, "No, not at all..."

But Breckie did and that's all that matters!

And the party wasn't really that bad but it was like sensory overload for Jake and I with 10 little humans in our house all making noise and needing something and I'm pretty sure Jake whispered to me "I'm so glad we're done having kids" while they were eating cake 😊

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