Friday, March 31, 2017

Company Picnic

 The yearly Edward Jones picnic was on Saturday. The weekend before it was our neighborhood HOA party and it was 95 degrees and HOT. Luckily this party was WAY more fun with better food and activities and the weather was perfect. 

Sometimes things just work out so well. 

Breckie got the cutest butterfly painted on her face! We also got our yearly caricature drawing. At first I really hated the way he drew my hair but then I got over it and I adore it. Especially the kids and Jake's beard and backwards hat. Jake's not a big fan of the way his mustache looks but it's way better than my old lady hair!

Every year I look forward to the picnic for two very specific reasons. 

#1 the caricature drawing
#2 the dessert

I LOVE dessert and there's always tons of brownies, cookies, cake, pie, and other garbage that I shouldn't eat but I love so much. One year someone brought a box of the most epically delicious Bosa donuts. You have no idea. It was literally heaven in a donut. I don't even like donuts but this, this was everything good in life in the form of a buttery ball of goodness. 

So I literally had a cheeseburger, bean dip & chips and a cookie bar on my plate this year. That's it. I had ONE bite of my cookie bar (after my burger) and it's deliciousness almost matched that of the donut from years past. And then Roxy... that girl... so I'm busy making sure Roxy doesn't die or choke or fall off of something and I'm socializing... and I still haven't had a chance to eat my coveted dessert. 

Later, Jake (best husband ever) gets me a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of cherry pie but I still couldn't eat it because who whats to eat something great while a baby is smashing their hand in it over and over again. 

So then I'm sitting and awkwardly having the caricature draw my face and Jake tells me he's going to throw away the cherry pie (that I haven't even touched) because there were a bunch of flies on it and he'll get me another piece. 




But he threw away all of it. ALL of my uneaten desserts!!!!!

I was crushed. 

He threw away my plate of happiness that could not be replaced because the food had been put away. 


I almost cried!

He's offered to buy me a cheesecake and a blizzard or make me whatever I want but it's just that I was so looking forward to that heaping plate of company picnic desserts... flies or not.

Next year I'm eating dessert first!

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