Monday, March 20, 2017

Grammys At The Zoo

My mom and Grandma came for a visit the first week of Spring break. 

It was a good visit. Jake and I went out twice. Two nights in a row... so it was more like a GREAT visit!!

One of those days we went to the zoo. We weren't very speedy about it so we only got halfway (or less) through the zoo before we were too hot and ready to go home. 

Roxy LOVED eating a whole pickle and playing at the splash pad. She seriously had a blast. Luckily Grammy followed her around so she didn't get trampled by the other crazies. 

A blue ICEE was also enjoyed by all. 

This is my only creature picture :)

When we first got into the zoo a fellow zoo-goer asked if we'd like to have her two tickets for the carousel. Um yes, I said! It was a great way to end our day at the zoo. 

Everyone had an enjoyable visit... 

We will miss Grammy and Great Grammy until their next visit!

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