Sunday, March 26, 2017

Milk Jugs

Carrying in groceries from the car... it probably looks something like this:

As many bags as possible (preferably all bags) of groceries hanging from your arms and a jug of milk in your hand and hopefully the other hand is free to open the door... because you have to get all the groceries in on the first trip, right!?

If you're extra "efficient" and happen to have two jugs of milk you'll transfer that extra jug of milk to your elbow and kind-of bear hug it as your other hand is momentarily free to open the door. 

Well, it's kind-of like having kids. 

The jugs of milk each represent a kid. 

So the bags of groceries is just life. And now you have a jug of milk in each hand (two kids). Here comes the third kid/jug of milk and it's much hard to turn that door knob and get in the house :)

It seems like every night (after the kids are in bed) I just want to sit in the corner and stare at the white wall and do nothing and not have anyone talk to me or need anything. 

I'm so empty by the end of the day. I don't have any energy left for anything. At least not right now. 

But it's the last day of Spring break... maybe that's part of it. 

When Jake and I found out that Roxy was going to be a girl we cried happy tears! We were so happy to have another girl. Everett is a hard kid and he was a hard baby and a hard toddler and in our minds boy = hard but life is funny and Roxy is (gasp) even harder than Everett. 

Good news though... Everett is SMART and maybe "hard" actually equals smart???! 

Roxy is crazy. She needs to be actively entertained for a majority of her awake time and she exhausts me. And then when Everett is home too it's double exhausting. If I'm not actively entertaining Everett, he wants to be entertained my some sort of screen. Luckily there are quite a few learning outlets within those screens but it's still my parental duty to limit his screen time. And then you have Breckie wanting me to play beads with her or play princesses or jump on the trampoline with her or watch this trick meanwhile Roxy is crawling around crying and falling off of stuff and NOT eating real/baby food but then putting every rock and leaf in her mouth, and maneuvering herself out of the stroller/high chair, doing "cartwheels" down the stairs... and I'm zombie mom by the end of the day.

And the best part, is that I actually have my crap together. I do. I really, really do. 

We eat real food that I make out of ingredients I bought at the grocery store and we wear clean clothes that I washed and we live in a clean house that I clean and sometimes we even shower!

 I give everything to my kids and Jake but I find myself wishing Roxy would grow up a little faster to where she's not so needy because everyone else needs me too. But I'm guessing her craziness isn't going away anytime soon 😅

Everyone says I'll miss these days and about 3% of the time I actually believe them... and the other 97% of the time I believe they just can't remember what it really was like. 

But for now, I'm happy Spring break is over and I'll feel a tiny bit more successful carrying in my groceries... because one jug of milk will be at school :)

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