Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Missing Tooth

Going anywhere with all three kids is like a miniature circus. One never wants to go anywhere, one wants to go everywhere, and one is a crazy baby. 

And then there is me. 

A mom desperate to entertain her kids any way other than a screen and desperate to get them out of the house. 

IKEA was a great half-day away from home on Spring break. 

The kids were PERFECT.

Roxy wasn't too bad either. 

That is until we were on our way to eat lunch. 

We were walking (single file) towards the food line and then all of a sudden Breckie is cry-screaming.  When I turn around to see what happened Everett starts crying too. Then there's the blood and Everett is missing a tooth AND Roxy is now crying from the stroller and trying to get out of her buckle. 

And then, as you can imagine, the entire IKEA audience is looking at us. 

I get Everett a napkin for his bloody mouth and calm him down and then work on calming Breckie down. She will cry scream for 45 minutes if you let her so I have to count backwards from 5 and then she stops. She tells me Everett's mouth bit her hand 😂

Meanwhile I'm making Roxy a bottle so she can calm down too... turns out Breckie was dance-walking and swinging her arms and her hand went back and hit Everett in the mouth knocking his tooth out. 

It was a shock to both of them but pretty funny to everyone else. I'm used to stuff like this happeneing now. 

Luckily an IKEA employee found the tooth and the tooth fairy came on the first night it was under his pillow :) and Everett is left with a funny story to tell about how he lost his front tooth!

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