Friday, April 7, 2017

Everyday Outfits

It takes a little bit of persuading sometimes to make sure Breckie is wearing something decent. 

Today her outfit was just too good to change. 

She was wearing her "pink dancer outfit",  kitty slippers (one is named Sparky and the other Twitcher), fox socks (ordered straight from China :), and her "fuzzy sweater"... and yesterdays braids. 

(She was doing bunny hops)

Her side smirk/smile is so perfect!

Roxy wanted in on the action :)

Breckie can do a REALLY good ballerina trick on the trampoline but she did it after the camera battery died. 

I'll have to get a picture of it soon because it's legit. 

Yesterday she told me she doesn't even like dance class... which is totally fine because she doesn't even go 😂 She went to two different free trial classes and that's it. 

She just likes to look the part and wear her dancer outfits :)

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