Monday, April 10, 2017

From Today

Everett off to school
Front yard maintenance with a baby helper
Grocery store*
Nap time 
Backyard maintenance 
Play princesses
Sponge bath
School pickup*
Jake comes home
FHE- super quick Easter discussion 
Freeze tag in the backyard*

The highlights*

Grocery store. 
Roxy is always a star at the grocery store. I'm sure most babies are. She held on to the bell pepper for me and ate part of the stem. She cried big time when we had to give it away for a second so we could buy it :) Breckie was walking through the produce and says "Mmmmm, I smell tomatoes!" She loves her tomatoes. And then we bought neon gummy worms like we always do ๐Ÿ˜†

School pickup.
On the way to pick up the boys Breckie says "Mom, I lifted myself up like this so I could get my fart out" ๐Ÿ˜‚ On the way home from pickup we were talking about dreams and Everett told us about his bad dream. "My bad dream was that all my friends at school were playing Mario Cart and I got 8th place (last place). And I cried. And then I hugged you around the neck but it was really just my pillow." I tried to hide my ear-to-ear smile and made sure not to laugh my happy mom laugh. I LOVE Everett so much!! He is SO sensitive and competitive... it's kind-of a hard combination for such a little kid. 

Freeze tag.
After dinner and our Easter discussion we played freeze tag in the backyard. Jake and Roxy were a team. It was one of those times when all of the hard stuff seems to be paying you back in that one moment. Roxy's joy and expressions and laugh and excitement as we were playing was definitely one of the highlights of this past year. We were all laughing and it was such a happy night. It was almost too much to take in!

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