Thursday, April 20, 2017

More Proof He's My Kid

It's fun watching your kids grow. And it's painful and it hurts and it's funny sometimes. It's safe you say you feel all the feels. 

The other day we were headed to the park (Everett on his bike ahead of us) and when Everett was about to pass his friends house (their garage was open and all 8 kids were hanging out w/their mom) Everett turns around and rides back to me and says, "I don't want to ride past their house because they're going to see me and say hi and then I'll have to say hi back..."

As if I didn't need anymore proof he was my son!

Then this option story had me smiling:

I'm glad he feels strongly about keeping the caps on the markers!

His opinion about the best way to spend $100 must have been heavily influenced by his table mates or something.
"What will you buy if you had $100 dollars. I think I will get a Lego and 1 dog because they are fluffy and playful dogs. Remember to buy a cat"

 I agree with the first half... and I can guarantee he wouldn't have any extra money for a dog or cat so I guess I won't worry :)

I thought this story/drawing was cute but I can't remember anything about it. 

He says it was a boat you sleep on. Kind-of like a hotel. He says it was not in Washington, San Diego, Disneyland, or Colorado. So I have no idea! Maybe he had a dream he went on a cruise or something!

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