Monday, April 24, 2017


Jake took Everett and Breckie camping with some friends over the weekend. It was a Dad & kids kind-of a camping trip. So Roxy and I hung out and shopped and made a cool project and even went on a hike. 

I LOVED (SO MUCH) that it was just Roxy and I. It was the best and I wish we could have done it long ago. It's like I fell in love with her. She loved it too. She had all of my attention all of the time. 

The hike itself was like a half happyish and the other half she cried and I ended up carrying her and all of our stuff kind-of hike. But her cheesy face pictures were enough to deal with her wiggly whining. 

All I know is that I need more one-on-one dates with my kids!

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