Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Roxy Rooski 11

This picture is mom gold 👌

My "mom wish" would be to be able to spend the first year with every kid like you were able to spend with your first kid. 

Roxy is so hard. And crazy and active and insane and all over the place and NEEEEEEEDS me (unless we have company and then of course she's amazing so no one believes me)... and I really wish I could magically be available to her like I was to Everett when he was a baby. 

But I can't and life goes on and I try my best. 

It's hard getting a picture of a baby... you mostly get pretty pictures of them crawling away. So I gave her a couple chocolate chips to keep her stillish. 

She eats:
chocolate chips
frozen gogurt
frozen peas
canned green beans
macaroni and cheese
the end. 

She has slept through the night less than 10 times so we decided to just turn off the monitor and wear earplugs... before we know it she'll be two and still need a bottle in the night so we had to put an end to the madness. 

Oh my gosh. The eyebrows, the chubby little hands, her little teeth 😍

She crawls and stands and smacks people in the face, feels the need to stick her hand in her poopy diaper (every time), laughs when she's tickled, loves to chew on marbles and other choke-able items, turns into the devil when you change her clothes, and is such a pretty little baby.

I LOVE having her as our baby. I can't say I want her to stay a baby forever but...

...I knew I couldn't keep on living my life without her. I NEEEEEEDED her!

*Everett asked if he could take a picture :) pretty great unexpected treasure!

Also, Roxy loves to chew on her yellow shoes and isn't she just the cutest?!

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