Sunday, May 28, 2017

7... A Party For All Mankind

I love my kids. I just think they're the coolest. 

When discussing the possibility of Everett having a birthday party he said he wanted a party and wanted to play Legos, have a water gun fight and an egg hunt. 

So we invited a handful of his friends and had a birthday party on his birthday. 

While the kids were having a water gun fight, I hid the eggs all around downstairs. 

I think they had a lot of fun... especially when Jake joined them. 

Instead of birthday spankings, Everett was going to be squirt by each of his friends. Lucas was a good sport and lent his support. 

When they were sun-dried, they found their eggs full of candy and played a few rowdy rounds of duck-duck-goose. 

We were running out of time so we skipped playing with Legos and went straight for presents and cake. But first, enjoy these group pictures. Jake is a mighty funny guy... as you can see :)

Lucky for Everett, his friends all gave him Legos (and a fidget spinner)!

(and a fantastically bight orange Mario shirt 😳)

Everett wanted to make sure that we only lit 7 of the candles... Hopefully he's not too mad we lit 8 😄

Everett had such a fun birthday. He was counting down the minutes until it started! He also got presents, cards, and money in the mail from his grandmas. (Grandma and Great Grandma even sent the exact same card!)

He's one lucky kid!

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