Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blue Jay

For the last quarter of school, Everett's cottage was "bird house"

His final project was (for his mom) to make a 3-d model of the bird he was assigned. We chose to do a paper mache bird 100% due to the fact that I had a decorative bird we could just cover in paper and glue 😆

I knew it would be fun to see how long he could procrastinate this project and how many excuses he could come up with to not work on it. 

He waited until the absolute last minute but we got it done :)

He looks half sleeping in this picture because he WAS sleeping 5 minutes prior to this picture!

Last night was cottage night where we got to see all of the other birds that the kids' moms made and I got to peek into his writing folder again. 

I'm in love with the way he spelled electricity 😍

Everett literally never tells me anything about school or his day. The most I ever heard was that Benson puked in class. That's it. His teacher told me once in the carpool lane that she called him Gavin for the first 3 weeks of school. He never even mentioned it to me! 

He lives a secret life at school... so it's nice to see some of his work. 

Everett's paper on Roxy is 100% accurate. "I love Roxy. She is cute, ALWAYS MAD, and playful. Everyone in my family loves Roxy. Everybody that comes to my house says "awe!"

His drawing of Roxy is also perfect!

They also made bird houses and wrote a persuasive letter to the birds to choose their house. 

Everett was most excited about dissecting owl pellets. Again, I'd never even heard a word about this until cottage night! Also, I didn't even know what owl pellets were until Jake explained them to me... I also think it's hilarious that Everett noted that the smell was "good" 😆

We've never been big communicators in my family so it's nice that cottage nights exist so I can at least see what Everett's been up to!

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