Thursday, May 4, 2017

Breckie's Bird

Jake found a little baby bird in our garage. Breckie quickly claimed it as her pet Fluffy. 

Roxy was actually first to meet the little bird...

...she wasn't very gentle 😅

For Breckie it was love at first sight. She was so gentle and careful and took her bird everywhere. She took Fluffy on a car ride to Home Depot and to the park and she even requested that it sleep in her room. 

We asked the neighbor (who has had birds in the past) what to feed it and she suggested baby formula through a syringe. Then her son picked up the bird and it was dropped onto the concrete 😩. So we fed it baby formula through a syringe and it was the cutest thing ever. 

It had chirped all day and as soon as we fed it it snuggled up and went right to sleep. I checked on it during the night and it was still happy and sleeping in Breckie's room. First thing in the morning Breckie said she couldn't wait for her bird to wake up! 

We checked on it and Breckie laughed and told me her birdie was sleeping on it's back 😳 It was still breathing but I told her it's hard for baby birds to live without their moms and she said she was it's mom!

It was so adorable but hurt so bad to know it would die!

We tried feeding it again but it was clear the bird was on it's way out. She sobbed big sad alligator tears. It was SO sad. 

Later that day she told Rad that she had a pet birdie but it died... good thing kids are so resilient. 

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