Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cry... Because I Want To

🎶"It's my party and I can cry if I want to..."🎶

That's got to be the theme song to Roxy's life. 

Mixed in with all of the chaos life has to offer right now, I still wanted to make Roxy a pretty cake and get some picture of her with it. I assumed she wouldn't eat it, but if there was a chance, I was going  to take it. 

I even bought Roxy-sized party hats. It's tradition to take a family picture with the cake and presents... but the only presents Roxy is getting are still in the mail (sent from her Grandmas) and somehow Roxy managed to be wearing Everett's hand on her head instead of the party hat. 

Not only is life Roxy's party and she can cry her way through it but she woke up with pink eye on her birthday. Yay 🎉

I should probably just stop typing and let the pictures tell the story. Just know that she was fully napped and rested and try to imagine a cute pink and gold baby party hat on her head... not that it matters to anyone but me. 

*Notice the rashy eczema/ringworm looking stuff in her elbow. We're just a hot mess right now. 

Jake could tell I was bummed and offered to save her cake and we could get pictures of her with it another day (with her hat) when she was happy but I know better... that cake would be ancient by the time that happens. 

Roxy, don't be fooled. WE LOVE YOU! We're just having a hard day/week/year/life 😅

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