Friday, May 12, 2017

Cussing Kids

When Jake was in Mexico realizing he was about to give up kiteboarding (with my minivan!) and we had just put our house on the MLS and stress levels were at an all time low, Everett had a half day so we went to Home Depot for a paint match (with the bird Breckie was mothering) and then we ordered pizza and ate it at the park. 

(That is what was left of Everett's medium pizza 😳
Breckie and I shared meat lovers with olives. )

While we were at the park there were a few groups of teenage kids that kept swearing. Of all people at the park I felt like I was the only one that could be justified in swearing but I still wasn't. When I just couldn't handle it anymore I had to walk over to the teenagers and tell them I had little kids and I'd like for them to stop swearing. 

It was almost embarrassing for the both of us because I shouldn't have had to even ask them. Thankfully they apologized and our park date continued long enough for me to get some blurry pictures of good times. 

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