Monday, May 8, 2017

For Sale

Our house has been for sale for 9 days. 

So far, it's been like this: anxiety for breakfast, anxiety for lunch, anxiety for dinner, and anxiety for desert. So much anxiety that it killed me until I died from it 😅

Friends, neighbors, people from church... they all want to know why we're moving. We don't just have one answer. It's a lot of answers (all positive things) but mostly, we just want to. 

We LOOOOOOOOOVE our house but we'd also LOOOOOOOVE to move to Queen Creek. That's where we do everything. We go back and forth to QC multiple times a day and we're just ready to move our family there. 

Getting the house ready to sell has been the "easy" part. I think I went to Home Depot 46 times in one week. The challenge has been the showings. It's been stressful to get the house perfectly clean and decorated all at the same time and have a baby with the nickname Tornado. BUT there have been countless tender mercies along the way, all of which I'm extra grateful for. 

There are SO many unknowns ahead of us... but there are also new experience and choices ahead of us as well. We're full of faith and excitement... but mostly anxiety 😂

Our fingers are crossed that we'll get an offer soon so we can move on with our lives and change the anxiety from 'when are we going to get an offer' to 'when are we closing, where will we live next, where will Everett go to school' and other super stress-free things like that. 

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