Sunday, May 7, 2017

I Made A Letterboard

So Letterboards. 
They're cool. 
And who doesn't want to be cool?

A friend of mine made one and I was oblivious to the fact that it was even possible to make one yourself. (plus a letterboard the size of mine costs $250 and I was never going to spend that much money... but with the idea of making your own it was now a possibility of having one!) My friend  told me how she made hers and I watched a few youtube videos for extra tips... and 28,641 hours later I had my very own letterboard 😆

Jake cut some wood for me... after Everett doodled on it

It was a wicked long process with too many things that could go wrong. 

I really like hands-on projects and value hard work and effort but I wanted to quit on this project multiple times! I made two smaller/practice boards to work out the kinks but it's still highly imperfect. I know why those dang things cost so much. 

Honestly, I highly recommend buying one if you REALLY want one, can afford it, and dislike difficult 'crafts'. 

But hey, now I'm cool because I have a letterboard :) 
It currently says "not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be okay!" 

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