Friday, May 5, 2017

Longtime Dream

Jake has had this longtime dream to kite board. He's spent the last year+ trying to learn to fly his kites, take lessons, watch youtube videos, schedule family vacations around trying to gain more experience on the water...

Picking up a new sport in your 30's is quite the challenge. Especially when it involves the ocean and you live in the desert. 

Last weekend Jake went to Mexico with his friend Dave and a few of his teenage kids + their friends. 

Jake came back with a sunburn, a little more experience on the water, and a realization that it's probably time to stop trying to get into a sport that just isn't going to work out. 

I love Jake, he's my man and I'll support him in anything he does, so I 100% support him calling it quits on the kiteboarding. 

After a spring break trip to San Diego, a SUPER bad sprained ankle from flying in the park, a sting ray sting on our trip to Disneyland, a lost go pro in Lake Rosevelt, a 10 year anniversary trip to Mexico, and COUNTLESS afternoon at the park or on the lake and leaving early from work because of the wind.... I think we're both relieved he's done. 

Kids, sometimes your dreams don't come true. 

And that's okay!

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