Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Life as a mom is good and hard. 

Like good and plenty. It's good and three kids is plenty 😄

Roxy and Jake came home from church early because Roxy is chronically naughty (I mean, did you see her mean mug up above? That girl!) 

When I got home, Jake had my Mother's Day gift out on the counter. TWO party size bags of M&M's!!! 

Plus I got a cinnamon roll and a symphony bar at church. 

Everett's handprint and school picture will always be the best kid gifts and the questionaries from church are priceless. 

*For work, she... takes care of the kids 👌

I laughed out loud when I read that Breckie thinks I love to watch TV because I NEVER watch TV! It's just not my thing. I also love that her favorite meal I cook is pancakes 😂 good thing I've made pancakes maybe 15 times in her entire life. But Breckie is 100% correct when she said I am not very good at waiting. I also laughed hard at that one! I am highly impatient when it comes to getting the kids somewhere/in the car 😅

Everett's is spot on. I hate to be mad, I'm not very good at being mad, my favorite color is navy blue, and I love Everett because he does "good stuff" for me :) He really is sweet and does good stuff for me when I ask. 

Jake's card was also the best. And hilarious. 

He also got me a gift certificate for a massage! I'm going to have to up my game for Father's Day.

It was a decently nice day so we drove around looking at new neighborhoods to live in and stopped at a park. 

Roxy surprised us all and just went right down the slide. Head first. 

We came home in just enough time for Jake to make shrimp tacos for dinner and put the kids to bed. 

I enjoy being a mother. I feel like I would be that Mother's Day card without my kids. I'd be lost. Even on the worst of worst days I'd still choose my kids. Even Roxy 😂

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