Friday, May 19, 2017

Roxy's 365 Days

Roxy is 1. 

She's also a tornado. 

A tornado that can walk a few steps on her own and practically run when she's pushing something. 

She's picky. She won't eat anything anymore and I don't have the patience to keep trying new things and cleaning up mess after high chair mess after MESS when all she does is blow raspberries with her lips and rub and splat food all over herself and the high chair. 

She spends most of her time crying, in my arms, or sleeping. If she's awake and not crying or in my arms it's because she's playing in the kitchen sink, on a walk in the stroller, or in the bike trailer on a ride (her favorite). She still has eczema and sensitive skin so she doesn't take many baths and because of that she has those wart/bump things all over her left arm. 

Everett was a really hard baby for us. We didn't realize how hard until we had Breckie. Now that we have Roxy, Everett's infancy doesn't seem so bad. She continues to challenge us and just when we feel like we've been pushed to our limits, we find that we are still standing. 

It would be so nice just to say what a delight she has been and that I've never second-guessed my choice to have three kids and that it's been such a great year. But I'd be lying. 

I like to be real and I like to tell the truth... (with is so absurd that I like photography because it almost seems like it's anything but real sometimes)... but I also like to be optimistic. 

I like to point out the good and focus on that. Roxy is active, intelligent, social and demanding. Those traits will get her places in life. 

I have no doubt that things will get better and easier... and it they don't then that's just what I have to tell myself to get through these early years. 

I've never been good at having babies. I've tried my best to enjoy the good parts though. Someday Roxy will want to look back and see what she was like as a baby, and although it might not be what she wants to hear, at least she'll know what she really was like. 

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