Saturday, May 27, 2017


Everett is SEVEN. 

He is intelligent, emotional, SO sweet, fun to talk to, bossy, caring, nervous, and has a million dollar smile. 

I'll never get over how much I love this kid. 

There is something special about him!

Despite our efforts, he's an indoor kid... at least for now. He'd play the iPad or Xbox all day if he could. He wouldn't eat or pee all day and just play his games right through his bodily discomfort... but thankfully he has a mom that won't allow it :) 

When he's forced to be outside 😅 he's on his bike or playing with some of the kids on our street (Rhett, Caleb, Kevin, Tova, or Abby). I've felt a lot of guilt knowing that he'll have to make all new friends in a new neighborhood. 

He seems to have a lot of friends although he isn't necessarily outgoing or super social. He's just a nice kid so other kids want to be his friends... so I shouldn't feel too bad that he'll have to make new friends at a new school in a new neighborhood. 

He reads well and will even read out of the scriptures and reads Breckie books at night when we ask him to. 

I don't think he likes math and his handwriting is super big and sloppy :) #boy

According to something he brought home from his last day of school, he's favorite subject was cottages, the live learning labs, and P.E. so basically he's exactly like Jake and I . 

We had the following conversation:

What's your favorite color?
Why are you asking me this?

Because I'm putting it on the blog with all of your pictures

So what's your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?
I don't have one

What's your favorite toy? Legos?
ugh, Legos aren't toys. 

What's your favorite movie?
ugh, I don't have one.

So that's how that conversation went. 

He's favorite non-screen things to do are eat treats, play in/with water (rain/swimming), Legos, or ride bikes and read when we "encourage" him too :)

He can handle being the center of attention... but for just a minute. 

He skips a lot which I think is absolutely adorable. 

He HAAAAAAAAATES shopping of all kinds. 

He loves his family. His teacher told me how he was always talking about his family. He has a special love for Roxy.

This very last picture is the first one I took. He still had an Oreo mustache from bringing Oreos to his class friends to celebrate his birthday. Pretty soon he will have a mustache... hopefully he won't have a mustache and missing teeth at the same time though 😳... this is the only time in his life when it's cute and cool to have missing teeth!

Happy birthday to the cutest, sweetest, most high-stung iPad junkie I know 🎉

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