Monday, May 29, 2017

Soul Repair Kit

I feel like sometimes, when life has squeezed all of the juice out of me, it squeezes a little more just to make sure. 

On top of (voluntarily) having three kids 😅 and (voluntarily) selling our house 😅😅 and having two birthdays a week a part, the last week of school, and the entire family getting sick (pink eye, boogers galore, sneezing, sore throats, I completely lost my voice for a day and sounded like a smoker for a week) I felt like I had been completely squeezed of all juice. 

And then life gave me a big ole squeeze just to make sure I could feel it. 

I most definitely can feel it! 

I know that a lot of the "hardships" I'm experiencing right now are from my own doing, but a few big ones aren't and that's really hard. I can only control how I react. Adult-ing is hard. 

So it's always when your spouse can see he needs to bring you home a "soul repair kit" 😘

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