Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mini Golf For The Win

I found a coupon for a free round of golf in my purse the other day and there just so happened to be a day UNDER 100 degrees last week so we went mini golfing. 

And it turned out to be super, super fun. 

*I asked them to jump :)

Weirdly enough, Roxy prefers her infant carseat and had fallen asleep on the way there... so I lugged all 28 pounds of sleeping baby around for the first few holes. 

Everett was a total pro and loves golfing. I LOVE that he loves it and had a good time. 

Breckie and Roxy had fun too. Breckie refused to take any help or tips on how to hold her "hockey ski" 😂 #ilovemykids. She straight up bowled the golf ball into a few holes... underhand and overhand 😄

When we were so hot and sweaty and red faced we went in for a giant ICEE.

It was a total win for a hot Summer day. 
We had a lot of fun. Even while golfing one handed (of course I was holding Roxy) and lugging the carseat around 18 holes!
I think it was the most successful outing we've had in a long time!
Praise hands for Roxy growing up 🙌🙌
Maybe we'll even go swimming soon!

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