Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Regional #5

Jake and I had EXTREMELY low expectations for our Summer Regional meeting/vacation this year. 

Roxy is one big ball of IMPOSSIBLE and we knew it would be rough to deal with her in a hotel. 

But we managed... and occasionally we actually found ourselves to be enjoying our time at the hotel. 

Friday and Saturday Jake had meetings for half of the day so the kids and I would have breakfast and then quietly hang out in the dark hotel room with high maintenance crazy baby Roxy squeezed in a tiny nap. 

We tried our best to keep busy...

Anytime all of the adults had a meeting and the kids went to the group babysitting, they had fun with the crafts... they were big fans of the pirate stuff and Breckie's treasure map is the best!

Breckie was the cutest getting her own dinner. 

The pool was the highlight. A sandy, beach entry pool. Genius. Literally the coolest hotel pool yet. 

I wanted to get a picture of Jake and the kids because it was Father's Day weekend...

Roxy made sure to make the picture a good one!

Thankfully Everett saved the day with the awesome pictures!

The second attempt of the Father's Day picture was just awkward 😂

Roxy ONLY sucks her thumb when she is sleeping so I'm guessing this was an indication that she was super tired and ready for a nap :) It was cute and I wish she's suck her thumb all day long... or take a pacifier! That would be the best!!

Saturday night was the awards banquet. Where we get to dress up fancy, eat fancy food, and clap for hours. But it's always fun and nice to have a date with Jake and other good company. 

Jake and his friends Luke and Jake. All was well until someone got a little too close 😉

When it was all said and done, I feel like Jake and I had a better time than we were anticipating. We only have one or two more Summer Regionals before we start having some real fun with the kids. We are excited for the day when it will be a little more fun and a little less work!

Until next year...

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