Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wild Ride

The last two months have been pretty wild.

And I can't blame anyone or anything except myself!

Jake and I had tossed around the idea of selling our house semi-seriously for about a year and pretty seriously for the last 6 months. Then 2 months ago we decided to just get it ready and list it.
The showings were super stressful, yet exciting. The first week we had 4 showings and then an offer. A few days later the offer fell through. Luckily, we had two more showings the next week and then got an offer on Mothers Day.

I think it was showing #4 that I was begging Heaven to help us sell our house. Getting the whole house clean, lights on, and decorated WHILE taking care of the kids and getting everyone out of the house for a specific window of time wasn't the easiest. I felt pretty guilty for ignoring our kids but there were so many tender mercies along the way that I really can't complain.

Jake and I are nervous/anxious people to begin with so we were overflowing with all of the emotions.

But we obviously survived to tell the tale and the adventure continues.

 I was having a really hard time living in the Desert and I was campaigning to move our family to a place that enjoyed all 4 seasons. Jake is the best husband I could EVER have and he put forth a lot of effort to figure out our options.

After a few months of lots of research and phone calls we ultimately decided that we were better off staying in AZ and that I was just having a mid-life crisis. We came to the conclusions that we actually love living in AZ but we should make an effort to enjoy the good parts and avoid as many as the negative parts as possible.

With Jake's parents flyer miles, they bought us two tickets to spend a month of the Summer in WA. We planned this months and months ago and Jake set up the systems to allow him to work remotely. I will fly with the girls and Jake and Everett will drive. The boys don't mind road trips but it would be miserable if they brought us along... so we're flying.

It just so happens that we close on our house two days before flying to WA and we don't actually have a house to move into yet... so we are putting our stuff in storage and we'll have to find a place when we get back. It's been quite the adventure but I guess you could say it was voluntary. 

I have never lost so much sleep and had so many cold sores in such a short amount of time. Also, with birthdays and school ending and Jake's work vacation we've been busy. Throw in some pink eye, puking, fevers, and a CRAZY baby... plus some packing and cleaning and a whole lot of praying and pleading and you've just described the last two months of my life. 

We are looking forward to some good quality family time in the Pacific North West and catching up with some friends and maybe even going on a few adventures.

The only thing left to do is move out of our house and survive the flight to WA with our girls. The last part might just kill me. Roxy and Breckie don't really have a good track record when it come to traveling 😅

*pictures are from some of our outings during the house showings. 

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