Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Playloft

We have 3 bedrooms and a loft upstairs. 

It's the most perfect layout ever. Whoever designed this house was a genius. 

For almost a year toys just sat on the floor and I could only dream of having shelves… and a ceiling fan!

And then one day I told Jake that Summer was coming and we'd spend A LOT of time inside and that I'd need some shelves and a fan… and he said OK. (I Seriously love that man!!)

So I bought everything and put it together one weekend when he was at scout camp. He put a fan in as soon as he got home. 

I painted when he and Everett were on the father/son campout. 

I made some string art (totally free project) and hung the alphabet letters back up.

It is SO nice to play in the loft now! It's so perfect. Seriously, I couldn't be more happy with it!

Paint: Target (seriously, it was already mixed and everything)
Shelves: Ikea (millions of different configurations) 
Red toy tubs: Target
Rug: Ikea
Lights around window: Target
Curtains: Ikea


  1. Love it! I'm looking to spruce up our playroom as well!

  2. This looks great! Could you talk more about the string art? I don't think I've ever heard of it and I'm intrigued.

  3. Hah, THANK YOU for referencing where you got all this! I was reading it and kept thinking "where did she get that? and that? and that?" lol! I LOVE how it turned out! And I think I might have to snag that rug for the girls room.... do you remember how much it was? (pm me on fb if you do!) You are a creative genius.

  4. This looks AWESOME!!! I love that rug so much I want it but have nowhere to put it.

  5. Super cute! I think having a separate playroom from the living room is a great way to help moms stay sane! My boys know- toys stay upstairs!(for the most part!) What a perfect place for kids to hang out. YOur letter wall is my favorite.